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Summer for Seniors


Summer is not for everybody.  Some people can enjoy walking and playing on a summer day, especially if you are still young but how about the seniors? Can they still enjoy the summer season? Of course and it’s gardening! Gardening  for elderly has a lot of benefits for them, especially to their health. It maintains their mobility and flexibility plus they can enjoy the flower that blooms in summer!

For seniors suffering from dementia, gardening can give a lot of benefits. Gardening can help lessen their feelings of isolation and provide them a link to past memories, which helps them maintain their sense of identity and improves their cognitive function.  Gardening also has physical benefits. It’s a great way to stay active and encourages to use all their motor skills and help them prevent osteoporosis. The other benefit that they can get in garden therapy is to improve the quality of their lives because it helps reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress. They also feel valued and helpful as a result of social interaction. 

Since we already started talking about health, safety is of course our priority.  Below are some of the safety tips that are helpful for the elderly. 


  • Bring water all the time to keep hydrated.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen. It is highly suggested to do gardening in the morning.
  • Wear gloves all the time to lower the risk of cuts. 
  • Make sure to be updated with the tetanus vaccine. (Note: If you have Medicare, Medicare Part A and B doesn’t cover the vaccination.  Medicare Part D can only cover the vaccination. If you have any questions regarding the coverage, you can you can call our hotline number at +1 888.959.1028 or send us an email at to talk to our licensed agent to answer any of your queries. Get Quote

It’s time to know the flowers that blooms in Summer! Summer is not complete without these flowers in your garden. 


Are you ready to have a garden therapy with the elderly? Share your experience in the comments tab to let us know. 🙂 Happy flowery Summer!

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