Short-term health insurance plans offer:

  • Affordable rates – Compared to other plans in the market, short-term insurance can have affordable premiums.
  • Peace of mind – Short-term health insurance plan can help you bridge the coverage gap.
  • Quick Approval – Many applicants get proof of insurance quickly, sometimes on the spot.
  • Flexible terms – Short-term insurance plans can cover you for any period from 30days up to 3 months.

States including California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington doesn’t allow selling short term plans due to state regulations.


Short Term Medical plans offer affordable medical coverage but are medically underwritten. They do not provide Minimum Essential Coverage as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

By contacting the phone number on this website you will be directed to a licensed agent.  888.959.1028

Short Term

If you are looking for a more cost effective insurance plan, a short term option may be a good fit for you. Short term plans can now be offered in some states from 12 months to up to 3 years. This is the best option for buyers who can’t afford the regular health insurance plan, find themselves between jobs, lose existing coverage and wait for medicare to kick in. 

The big difference of the traditional health insurance plan to short term plan is the coverage and this is the reason that it is cheaper compared to the traditional health insurance in the market. It doesn’t cover chronic disease care, pediatric dental, injury rehabilitation, maternity care and substance abuse counselling.  This plan mostly protect you only on basic medical needs and emergencies. Note that this plan doesn’t  cover pre-existing conditions.

SITUATIONS that Short-term insurance can help:

CHANGE of EMPLOYMENT – Job loss? Laid off? Get covered while in between jobs and employee benefits

OBAMACARE – If you can’t get major medical coverage, A short-term insurance plan may help.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES – Need proof of insurance? A short-term insurance plan can be quick and affordable.

BEFORE MEDICARE – Still waiting for coverage? A short-term insurance plan can help protect you in the meantime.

This coverage is not required to comply with certain federal market requirements for health insurance, principally those contained in the Affordable Care Act. Be sure to check your certificate carefully to make sure you are aware of any exclusions or limitations regarding coverage of preexisting tonditions or health benefits (such as hospitalization, emergency services, maternity care, preventive care, prescription drugs, and mental health nd substance use disorder services). Your certificate might also have lifetime and/or annual dollar limits on health benefits. If this coverage expires r you lose eligibility for this coverage, you might have to wait until an open enrollment period to get other health insurance coverage. Also, this toverage is not”minimum essential coverage.” If you don’t have minimum essential coverage for any month in 2018, you may have to make a ayment when you file your tax return unless you qualify for an exemption from the requirement that you have health coverage for that month.

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