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How Seniors Can Avoid the Flu and Related Complications

Colder weather has become synonymous to flu season, or a time where people have a higher risk of getting the flu. The New York Times reported that we could predict how bad the upcoming flu season would be by looking at figures from Australia, which experiences winter from June to August. Australia was hit even …

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What are Superfoods?

In your mission to pursue a healthier lifestyle, you might have encountered the term ‘superfoods’ more than once. Nutritionists and scientists, like New York University’s Langone Medical Center’s Despina Hyde, would say that ‘superfoods’ is just a marketing term for foods with high nutritional benefits. The American Heart Association also says there is no clear …

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Lesser-Known Threats to a Healthy Heart

he Center for Control and Disease Protection shares that 47% or about half of all Americans have at least one of three risk factors for heart disease: smoking, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. If you ask anyone, people can easily list off the common risk factors: family history, behaviors, and existing conditions. Among conditions, …

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Be Money Wise on Prescription Drugs

When someone has a health problem, it’s always best for them to visit the doctor to seek a proper diagnosis and the best course for treatment. Oftentimes, the doctor would prescribe medication to help treat the condition or its symptoms. Some people might get prescribed medication for cosmetic reasons, but oftentimes these prescriptions are for …

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How Medicare Part D Works

Medicare prescription drug benefit or Medicare Part D is the US government’s optional federal government program to help Medicare beneficiaries pay for self-administered prescription drugs. While Medicare Part B covers all professionally-administered prescriptions, Part D covers all prescriptions taken by the patients themselves or with the assistance of a non-professional.  Before Medicare Part D was …

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